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In a previous version of my site, I wrote about just how bad the situation with fake and financially solicited reviews was, and then went on to produce a section documenting over 100 (of course, unverifiable) testimonies of my own service! Well, since then, it's only gotten worse, and clients are catching on to the theme. For example, there is now a widespread recognition that almost all of the customer feedback published on RentMen (a site I no longer use) is fake or drummed up with financial incentives. Look at it in the smae way that anyone with half a brain cell looks at TripAdvisor; if you are looking for top-quartile quality, there really is no reason to select a provider on the basis of "feedback" nowadays, but for a few exceptions.

Publishing a review section is almost an arbitrary requirement, however, so at the end of this page, I will reproduce some links, including an archive of the massive list of feedback I built up while advertising on Manchester Lads. What would be the actual point of publishing my own feedback after all... to prove that I am trustworthy???

Perhaps a better concept in advertiser vetting is establishing a paper trail - and I'm surprised so few of my customers have any concept of doing this. There are numerous tools that will allow you to search the historical archives for an advertiser's details and to gain some idea of just how much time effort and money they have invested in self promotion over the years. Below, I will document some of the agencies and directories I have advertised with in the past - indeed, the very number I use in my adverts today can be traced back to old copies:


The old Gaydar! A now abandoned medium, it was once the gold standard of advertising after the death of print media. I made a lot of acquaintances on my travels and in the chat rooms, with this once very useful early social network.

Gay Times

Gay Times - once the go-to print media for service providers. Still, I came early enough to get around a year's use out of it and still retain some of the agency customers I gained indirectly from this magazine.


Loot ad rag ... it was bloody awful. Think 40 pound for half an hour, damp mattress on the floor - very much Pride of Britain types... "Eh, am I talkin to the tranneh?"

Manchester Lads

For a long time, my major ad in the North of England, a lot of my best customers called through Manchester Lads. I've linked my entire archive of feedback from this site below.

QX Magazine

Another print advertiser, and unlike the Boyz, it still publishes ads but can't be taken very seriously nowadays. Most of its readers are well into their senior years; those who are still with us are often struggling with their health and finances - sometimes magazine regulars can be like social work, and it requires a certain kind of mindset.


I still advertise here, after many years. They charge customers to place a review, or at least for the privilege - which gives their testimonies somewhat more weight, but the system can still be gamed. Remember an escort called Matt Black - alternately advertising in Richmond/Bromley and Bristol with "very well written profile AND reviews"? Deposit scam, now barred!


Did you know that the Sun has an online advertising section, with escorts in it? I struggle to think exactly what kind of person would use this facility, but still, I have a free ad there even though the days of high-volume red top advertising for escorts are long gone.

Viva Street

I've been a long-time advertiser in Vivastreet. Essentially, it is a general classifieds website, completely over marketed (they pay a stupid number of people to care about sales and to hell with retention) and very frustrating to manage as each post code you cover must have its own advert, picture uploads, payment plan, etc. An opportunity for those who know how to play to its strengths.


98 uniques at Manchester Lads (ad now expired)

6 at Sleepyboy.com

5 at Daddy's Reviews

3 at RM (ad now expired)

4 at Hunqz (search Dano86)

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