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As you may already have seen, I'm a 32 year old British bisexual male, just over 6ft1 and smartly/neutrally presented. I'm available throughout the day in London and the South, and have over 10 years of experience as a masseur and escort for single males, couples and females. I have no immediate plans to stop, and as my interests include some degree of investment, "my lifestyle supports my needs".

Within the world of male escorting, I would describe myself as an experienced full service top (active, but versatile in all other regards), and also an excellent masseur - such that it would be pointless for me to train formally. At the age of 32, I rarely bottom for customers any more, and even enjoy a lot of meetings where there is no particular focus on penetration. Some of the time, this comes about because the client lacks experience, and other times, because it is the preferred option. As a general rule, male massage makes up 25% of my work and is often added on by the 50% who seek full service and/or companionship. A further 25% is either fetishistic or involves couples - usually male/female long term partners.

I've always wanted to provide a service that gives you exactly the kind of fun you want, for the money you pay, and no further complications. However, I don't dress my window for needy and over-analytical customers who project stress, nor for those who can't even communicate what they really want without becoming defensive and evasive. A meeting usually takes its course from a combination of minimal instruction and natural cues.

One of the exceptional things about me is that I don't agree to anything I am incapable of fulfilling. It is actually my deeply held belief that this highly immoral practise is the scourge of sex work and indirectly hurts well meaning providers. I prefer to see a small volume of customers for at least an hour at a time (a focus on quality and maturity over yield and urgency). I can give as much or as little instruction and guidance as is required, but don't see myself as some kind of glib Channel 4 "sex coach". I'm also relatively open-minded towards most disabilities, almost all weight problems, advanced age and look after the confidential interests of customers with associations to high-sensitivity public organisations (however this does not extend to the violent elements within the London drugs trade).


As mentioned above, around a quarter of my work might be fetishistic in any given month - although 10-15% is more common. As a top, I only "give" - and that extends to common fetishes such as FF (with around 10 years experience, I have the equivalent of a Doctorate in fisting!), WS, HS, spanking and torture/bondage requests. While I'm happy to listen to any request, you can immediately rule out hard role play such as verbal, heavy physical domination, spitting, heavy BDSM, as none of this suits me at all; my active disposition is a giving and considerate one.


My accommodation is in Vauxhall, half way up the Victoria Line with visitor parking - and includes a large river-view studio with bathroom, TV/DVD facilities and access to a massive swimming pool and sauna. Due to my customer connections, I am also keyholder for a number of alternative locations around the UK - which can be secured with notice and a deposit.


I have a large list of providers who I have met and work well with. Should you wish to set something up, all you need to do is pay me the other provider's fee, and I will secure their services. I don't do duos without security even if you try to tap my work partners up independently - which will not save you any money. Below are just some examples of different types of provider - If one is unavailable, I may have someone similar available who is not on the list, so always GO THROUGH ME!


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